Training Bodyparts or Movement Patterns

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Rip explains how our DNA dictates how we adapt to training, why big, strong men command more attention than small guys, and how getting strong improves aesthetics. 

  • 00:55 Rip makes ordering food difficult for everyone 
  • 04:50 Comments from the Haters!
  • 14:45 Ask a Jew
  • 23:12 Today’s topic
  • 28:46 Big guys get attention
  • 38:32 Physical and mental health are linked
  • 39:51 Two different approaches
  • 45:56 Getting bigger has an impact
  • 51:29 Training for aesthetics is easier and doesn’t work 
  • 57:57 It’s worse now
  • 1:07:22 What’s important?

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