How to Get Swole, Bruh with Will Morris SSC DPT

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Ray Gillenwater talks to the rehab specialist for SS Gyms, Will Morris, about accessory work, “chiseling in” after you’re strong, and “chasing the pump.” 

  • 02:26 How do you get big and muscular?
  • 05:32 Strength training is bodybuilding
  • 08:34 Isolated movements don’t cause enough stress 
  • 12:02 Build strength from the inside out
  • 14:52 Ray’s programming
  • 16:33 Programming/Recovery autoimmune
  • 24:28 Built like a meatball
  • 31:03 Mobility
  • 36:13 Treating patients as they need to be treated
  • 37:48 Chiseling in after you are strong
  • 41:16 Accessory bench work and rowing
  • 48:35 Working close to failure on hypertrophy
  • 52:45 Why the NLP is so effective
  • 58:26 Maintaining the quality of muscle contraction
  • 1:08:28 Rehab specialist for Starting Strength Gyms

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